Career Profile

Jake has been a musician since 5 years old, playing piano and violin. He got his start with audio engineering in high school, operating a mobile studio recording local bands and talent. For the past 10 years he has been collaborating with artists writing original songs, throwing events, and experimenting with new methods of performance. Throughout school he has worked multiple freelance jobs in the music industry, ultimately maintaining a prized position operating Front-of-House for UC San Diego's tech services. Now that he has earned his degrees, he is looking for opportunities in both music production and audio engineering fields.


Live Sound Technician

2012 - 2016
UC San Diego Tech Services

Responsible for live mixing bands and DJs while operating front-of-house. Managed monitoring and stage transitions during events.

Assistant Engineer

Jeff Trott (Producer for Sheryll Crow, Stevie Nicks)

Assistant engineer work for professional producer (Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks). Responsible for editing/tuning vocal tracks, instrument sound design, and studio set-up


Mixing & Mastering

Music Productions

Event Productions

Video Productions

Live Set Design

Interface Design

Skills & Proficiency

Mixing & Mastering

Music Producing

Audio Editing

Recording & Tracking

Video Production

Programming & Design